Whenever Chinese New Year is mentioned, the first thing that comes to the minds of most people is, “What year is this?”  This is in reference to the animal representation for that year.  The designation is usually explained with a simple story that a long time ago, Buddha called together all the animals to help guard and protect the year.  Of all the animals, only twelve answered the call.  In order to establish an orderly sequence, a race was called.  In the race, the Ox would have taken the honor of taking first place had it not been for the clever and cunning Rat who rode on the back of the Ox and jumped forward at the finish line to steal away the top award.

The Tournament of the Twelve Animals

The Jade Emperor wanted to select twelve animals to represent the different years as totems.  Hearing this, all the animals on earth rushed to the call with each desiring to be selected. Finding no suitable method on which to base his selection, the Jade Emperor decided to have a tournament of physical skills and abilities.

The Jade Emperor appointed the Elephant to be the undisputed judge of this tournament.  The elephant was known for his calmness, great moral virtue and conduct.  His judgment was principled and fair and because of this he is highly respected by all the animals.

When this tournament and its rules were announced, the Cat heard about it and went to tell this to the Rat.  In earlier times, both the Cat and the Rat were very close friends. The Cat told the Rat that he was eligible to compete because being an animal was the only necessary qualification.  When the Rat arrived, he saw that there was already a mighty strong brown Ox poised on the tournament platform welcoming all challengers.

The brown Ox was both large in size and extremely mighty.  He thought little of having the tiny Rat as his opponent.  He was over confident as he stood boldly on the tournament platform.  Readying himself for the battle, the Ox raised his front legs and pawed and scratched on the ground as he was prepared to stomp on the Rat and flatten him into a small meat patty.  However, the Rat was light in weight and quick and agile in movement so that he was successful in side-stepping the charging Ox.  The Rat jumped onto his feet and catapulted himself onto the back of the Ox. The Ox was helpless to this attack and the pain inflicted caused him to scream out with an admission of defeat.  The judge had no alternative than to award the Rat with the coveted First prize.  The Ox was embarrassed and speechless to have lost to the Rat. 

The rest of the animals battled one another, and this is how the ranking of the twelve animals came to be:
  1. Rat
  2. Ox
  3. Tiger
  4. Hare
  5. Dragon
  6. Snake
  7. Horse
  8. Ram
  9. Monkey
  10. Rooster
  11. Dog
  12. Boar

1. RAT
1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032
Charming, adaptable, creative, ambitious, opportunist, gregarious, erratic, gossip.
Symbols of wealth because rats are always able to find food
Compatible marriage to: Dragon, Monkey, Ox
Second choice: Rat, Tiger, Snake, Dog, Boar
Incompatible marriage to: Horse, (worse) Sheep

WINTER is your season.
DECEMBER is your month.

You enjoy life's pleasures, are a gourmet and connoisseur of good wine, curious about everything and an opportunist. Your fertile imagination pushes you to get out of your daily routine through the delightful things you think up to do, to the joy of your friends.  Your relationships are formed with people that can help you, at least in the beginning. But sometimes a sincere and solid friendship is formed. Faithful in love and friendship, your circle of close friends is small because you have chosen them carefully.  Manipulation is an art that you know well, with no sense of guilt. Naturally distrustful, you are secretive about your life and always attack first when you feel threatened. Your hypersensitivity makes you hate being laughed at or reproached and you can become aggressive over nothing. Be careful about being too cynical because it can sting. Your fault: You are overly critical.

Your mindset and innate gifts as a strategist tend to make you an incredible politician. You are also at ease in the business world and have an intuition that allows you to know which way the wind is blowing. While you excel at thinking things through, you balk at taking action yourself and delegate work that bores you to a maximum. Your projects don't often get set up because you lack perseverance and don't implicate yourself enough; you run away from routine and don't like to feel hampered by set hours, places or constraints in general. Your gifts as a strategist come out when you are independent but you sometimes hesitate undertaking your own projects.

You can be extravagant or miserly with money; everything depends on the period and your mood. The Rat is lucid so you know how to adapt yourself to any financial situation. You have almost as much taste for rigor as you do for opulence. No matter the drink provided, what's important is getting drunk. Your skillfulness and cunning allow you to rapidly regain a financial equilibrium when the balance tilts in the wrong direction. It is rather common that you have a secret nest egg that you don't hesitate digging into, to the delight of your loved ones. What irritates you most: waste.

While you sometimes seem egotistical on the outside you are highly sensitive and sentimental on the inside. You are very emotional, and easily carried away by your passion and jealousy.

2. OX
1925, 1937, 1949, 1961,1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033
Steadfast, methodical, unimaginative, dependable, loyal, possessive, logical, honest, unromantic. Strong and not willing to make too many changes - down to earth and practical.
Compatible marriage to: Snake, Rooster, Rat
Second choice: Ox, Dragon, Hare, Money, Boar
Incompatible marriage to: Horse, Dog, (worse) Sheep

WINTER is your season.
JANUARY is your month.

A Chinese proverb says, "The ox is slow but the earth is patient". You go through life with determination and common sense. You love nature and so like working outdoors. You also like quiet cottages, and have respect for traditions. You are solid, with a quiet interior force that people can count on. You also have a great sense of humanity, are loyal, honest, upright, faithful, and have integrity. No job turns you off when you have made a decision and you never go back on your word even if it means being unduly stubborn. You are not afraid of solitude, and prefer spending your evenings in a quiet cottage in the countryside. A little bit rustic, you are not a diplomat, and let others know what you think without hesitation. If someone attacks you, you fight back like a bull with your head lowered and horns ready to gouge your enemy. Those who hurt you or those close to you should watch out: you hold grudges for a long time - excessively so - and never forget a name or a face. You always get sweet revenge... even several years later. Your fault: You're a bad loser and can't stand failure.

You take on mountains of work with no apparent effort. You are well grounded both physically and mentally, face problems head on and always find a solution that is never "the easy way out". You inspire confidence in those close to you because you keep your word and are respected because of your honesty and steadfastness.  Your endurance is without limits.

You are reasonable and know how much money you have right down to the penny. You earned your money through sweat and hard work and you are not the kind of person to throw it away on an impulse. You invest in land, real estate, and durable goods, and never spend your money unwisely. Your family lives in relative comfort at home but you have to be pushed out of the house to take part in outings or leisure activities.

"Slow but sure" is your motto in love. You love pleasure but you never get involved quickly and it is likely that you will remain alone if someone doesn't come looking for you! Passion and ardent declarations of love make you feel uneasy. You like to establish a relationship slowly, step-be-step, and take time getting to know a person to learn to appreciate them.

1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974,, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022, 2034
Leadership, brave, rash, impetuous, warm, sincere, aggressive, authoritarian
A beautiful animal that will attack if his territory is invaded.
Compatible marriage to: Horse, Dragon, Dog
Second choice: Rat, Ox, Hare, Tiger, Sheep, Rooster, Boar
Incompatible marriage to: Monkey, (worse) Snake

WINTER is your season.
FEBRUARY is your month.

Personality :
You have a rage to live and the teeth to sink into a plank of wood. Fortune doesn't motivate you but your desire for passionate adventure and impossible challenges does!  Nothing stops you, neither eccentricity nor danger. You decide on your course of action through impulse; you listen to your heart more than to your reason. Your fearless enthusiasm motivates others. People would follow you to the end of the earth if only to take part in the wild dreams that you imagine each day to get beyond the reality and routine of every day life. This extravagance goes hand-in-hand with a need to command: you love it when people obey you without a word. Caution to those who don't: they could get badly clawed. Excessive in everything, your behavior betrays the force of your emotions: passion and anger are part of your every day life.
Your fault: You are unpredictable and not very good at making others feel secure.

A charismatic person, you are a leader of men, a maestro, a captain of ships. If you are put into a subordinate job, you die. You need action and independence to give measure to your talents in convincing clients, amassing business affairs, and conquering markets. You make your path in a universe that is wild, anarchic and without hierarchy. Roads that have already been taken don't interest you. You can't conceive of working without passion and refuse to bow down to logic, fixed hours and uniforms.

Savings, security, and organization are abhorrent to you. You love to play the stock market, go to the races, and bet your salary on an even number. Money interests you only to the extent that it can buy you emotional thrills and pleasures. Your generosity is often without limit. You will invest in a new undertaking without hesitation, confident in your luck and intuition.  

Love :
Your love life is as intrepid and romantic as your life in general.  If your loved one leaves you, you act like a lord, admitting defeat without bitterness. One love lost is ten more found!

1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, 2035
Withdrawn, independent, aloof, submissive, humble, gossip, melancholic, gambler, placid. An excellent judge of character can detect sincerity or trouble.
Compatible marriage to: Sheep, Boar, Dog
Second Choice: Hare
Incompatible marriage to: Dragon, (worse) Rooster, Rat

SPRING is your season.
MARCH is your month.

Lively yet tranquil, peaceful yet realistic, you use your intelligence to create a burrow made just for you, where everything you hate is banished forever: disorder, quarrels, indiscretion, anguish, tumult, and haste. You are a diplomat in society: highly courteous and with an elegance that charms those around you. You know how to listen to others who gladly tell you their secrets. Still, you think that everyone must solve their own problems and don't get involved in the affairs of others unless you have to. Underneath your soft, silky skin is a calm, highly determined person who can get out of any situation. Effusive sentiments and tumultuous emotions make you feel uncomfortable. You face agitated situations with logic and a certain detachment that can make you seem indifferent or cynical.
Your fault: A tendency to go back into to your burrow the moment a cloud appears and to run away like a Rabbit when conflicts arise.

Your talents as a negotiator and your open mind allow you to rise rapidly in society, even if you don't run after promotions. You have confidence in your instincts, can "feel" a good deal, and get into the race astutely. Your luck will do the rest. You aren't very good at working in groups but are most productive in the quiet isolation of an office or workshop. Your capacity to synthesize makes you an excellent organizer and manager... of your own work. As for colleagues, you don't always like working by their side nor getting involved in their projects.

You are generally well situated on the financial level. This is fortunate because you appreciate having a comfortable lifestyle. You hate being caught off guard so you save your money regularly and invest in low risk ventures that promise a peaceful future. You probably have savings accounts, an IRA and life insurance, etc., which will assure you a comfortable life old age. This prudence is mixed with a healthy organizational sense that frees you from money worries and allows you to live a pleasant, comfortable life.

You are a solid person that your friends can count on. In love you prefer tender hugs and caresses to tumultuous passion. A romantic in your soul, sensitive and attentive to you partner, you know how to make yourself wanted through your kindness and charm.  You are happy with someone gentle who is neither possessive, jealous nor impulsively aggressive.

1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024, 2036
Flamboyant, extrovert, elegant, imaginative, strong, decisive, resolute. The dragon is considered the flashiest and boldest member of the Chinese astrological family.
Compatible marriage to: Rat, Snake, Monkey, Rooster
Second choice: Tiger, Horse, Sheep, Boar
Incompatible marriage to: Ox, Hare,

SPRING is your season.
APRIL is your month.

Sovereign in your kingdom, you exist to be flamboyant and exceptional.  An impetuous energy animates every one of your actions: you are ready to take on any challenge, go off on a conquest of power, and tear down any obstacle. If by chance you fail, you will never admit to being vanquished and will find in this snub a new will to conquer. An insatiable warrior, you become stronger after each defeat, and more invincible after every wound. Demanding of others, you are rather gentle on yourself and rare is the Dragon who recognizes his faults... Intelligent, lucid and clairvoyant, you willingly bang your fist on the table when your audience doesn't share your point of view. You like to see life as a big adventure and can't stand it when those around you lack ambition.
Your fault: A bit of megalomania and narcissism!

You are at your best when involved in great projects and in extreme situations. Intuitive and visionary, you are exceptionally creative, endowed with an innate sense for the show and stage. You belong to the race of powerful men and horsemen. Hungry for success, you can work day and night without sleeping to get a big project going. Boredom is what kills you, not work.

An aristocrat in the world, you love to live in a grand style, going out every night and spending money without counting. You like to drive a sports car, hunt for antiques in China, and sleep in silk! You are generous to yourself, family, and friends, and you cover them with presents... especially if they show their gratitude! Born under the sign of Luck, the Dragon is rarely without money. But come what may, you never lower yourself to do work that you hate for money. You have your pride even where money is concerned!

Your irresistible powers attract consenting victims into your den.   For you, love is something owed to you, not a duty, so your partner must often make do with little to be happy. If they reproach you the slightest thing, you leave by slamming the door, once you have let out all your rage. Trying to blackmail you has no effect. To seduce you, a person needs to be fascinated by you and your gestures, to swoon in admiration, and hide a strong heart behind a seeming fragility.

1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037
Restraint, insinuating, subtle, pushy, double-dealing, scandalous, vicarious, sensuous. Symbol of medicine and healing, intuitive and intelligent.
Compatible marriage to: Rat, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Dog
Incompatible marriage to: Monkey, (worse) Tiger, Boar

SPRING is your season.
MAY is your month.

Like the Snake that enchanted Eve, you know how to make more than one person lose their head! Refined, funny and gifted in seduction, you shine in society with your intelligence and vivacious spirit. The snake is admired in China for his wisdom and you have a philosophy in life that is all your own. Intuitive and lucid in all situations, you become reserved when conversing and are silent most of the time, preferring to let your thoughts make their way in silence rather than through chatter. However, if the subject is abstract, you don't hesitate expressing yourself while your audience looks up to you in admiration, seduced by your knowledge. A cold-blooded animal, you love intrigue and playfulness in life, but preserve large periods of time for idleness. You have the capacity to realize your projects in a few hours while others would take days to complete them. When you start out, your efficiency is terrifying and all the more so as you often work alone and at your own rhythm. You are faster than the average person, as you slide over obstacles like a snake in the grass. With your venom, you willingly attack your enemies with acerbic comments, leaving them only when your thirst for revenge has been satisfied. It's better being your friend...

You solve most of your problems in solitary, preferring your inner rhythm to that of the outside world. A fine negotiator, you love to come up against difficult partners. You have the inner resources and calm necessary to get what you want in any circumstances. You're not afraid of responsibility and efficiency is your forte. With little movement and few words, you analyze the situation with your uncommon gift for synthesis. Once the path has been outlined, you go straight for the target, absolutely remarkable! One single fault: You can't stand failure.

Money :
You love money but only for the pleasure that it allows you to enjoy.  You will gladly spend a lot of money on an art object or trip to a warm climate rather than buy a washing machine or car.  You are lucky to be calculating, good in business, at choosing collaborators and making relationships with people who are capable of helping you enrich yourself with the least amount of effort!

Once your pray has been hypnotized, you are sensual, passionate and very possessive. A dominator in your soul, you overtly demand that your partner satisfy all of your desires. While you are jealous, you are neither very steadfast nor faithful.  To attract you, your pray must be intelligent, licentious, admiring and passionate.

1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002. 2014, 2026, 2038
Competitive, cheerful, talkative, talented, showy, impatient, independent, tough, hard workers and competitive by nature.
Compatible marriage to: Tiger, Dog, Sheep, (best) Horse
Second  choice: Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Rooster, Boar
Incompatible marriage to: Ox, Hare, Horse, (worse) Rat

SUMMER is your season.
JUNE is your month.

From the fiery Horse, symbol of all happiness in China, you have inherited vivacity, loyalty, the elegance of a thoroughbred, and the impatience of a child. You are worldly and at ease in high society and are an elegant conversationalist. Your intelligence and fluidity of thought easily convince people of the soundness of your ideas. But a "big talker" is often a "small doer" and this failing follows you around. What keeps you from taking action is a fear of failure because you never come out of your adventures intact. On the other hand, if the subject is familiar to you and you have some reassuring support, you jump headlong into the adventure. You love to move around: constant movement animates your being, but you most often get around obstacles rather than jump over them. This fear of failure paralyses you. Your dynamic spirit is never dampened. You can't stand idleness, and long-term plans don't attract you because you are quickly unmotivated. You paw the ground with impatience when there are traffic jams and will cut across a field to get out of one with gusto. Your fault: A lack of confidence in yourself.

You need to feel independent, free and above all, you don't like to have someone watching over you. Your elegance of expression and convincing words make you an excellent salesperson, especially if you have spent the day on the road. Sitting in an enclosed office doesn't fit with your desire to be on the move. The ideal profession for you is one where you can travel a lot. You love to innovate and make decisions quickly, but work that requires endurance is not for you.

You don't save for the future and are not consistent with money. If you have some, all the better; if you don't, you live without. Earning money is not a motor in your life. On the contrary, it often takes last place in your life. Your fickle lifestyle - notably concerning work, which you change often, reinforces this financial insecurity. If you need money right away, you will gladly sell your furniture and personal things. You are an idealist rather than a materialist. You have confidence in your luck and never doubt that you will be able to get out of any situation. Your opportunistic side sometimes comes to your aid...

A wonderful companion, you shower the people you love with presents. But passion only lasts for a time and you get bored quickly... At the first sign of routine, you take off for greener pastures.

1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, 2039
Affectionate, caring, trusting, selflessness, artistic, fastidious, creative,     complacent, diplomatic. A follower rather than a leader, happiest in a crowd, and is best not placed in a position to make decisions.
Compatible marriage to: Hare, Boar, Horse
Second choice: Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster
Incompatible marriage to: Rat (worse) Ox, Dog

SUMMER is your season.
JULY is your month.

An artist in your soul, you are gentle, polite and kind-hearted. You have special sensitivity to art and beauty and a special fondness for quiet living. You excel in creative, artistic fields and in anything to do with the theater or putting on a show. You have a purely conceptual mind that likes to be surrounded by realistic collaborators who will take care of the books and the commercial side of things because management isn't your field of predilection. You want neither power nor honors. You are at ease in the thick of things, far from the decision-makers. You work in a bubble with an excessive desire for perfection.

You excel in creative, artistic fields and in anything to do with the theater or putting on a show. You have a purely conceptual mind that likes to be surrounded by realistic collaborators who will take care of the books and the commercial side of things because management isn't your field of predilection. You want neither power nor honors. You are at ease in the thick of things, far from the decision-makers. You work in a bubble with an excessive desire for perfection.

You will gladly spend the money of others! You know how to surround yourself with benefactors who believe in your talent and know how to show it. You don't run after money and are capable of paying four times too much for an object without batting an eye. You have holes in your pocket and you are terrible at managing your money. Who cares! You live in a universe where good taste rules, either because you have money or are resourceful. You could transform any stable into a palace from the Arabian Nights!

Anxious and dependent, you can't live without love. You need a companion that can protect you, is tender, and will shower you with attention. Fights at home and raised voices make you extremely anxious. An ideal love, you are faithful and happy in an atmosphere of calm and security. To seduce you, your partner must be romantic and gallant, and invite you out to cultural events. Above all, they should never give you an ultimatum or look as though they want to leave you. In this case, you will be the first to leave the prairie!

Given the jolly mood of the Goat she must be cautious with her spending. Her usual penchant for luxury and lovely things will be enhanced making her impulsive in her purchases. Therefore, she should ensure she has a steady savings plan to maintain an element of financial control. The Goat will have an uncanny ability of finding the right information and the ability to solve problems having plagued her for some time. In this regard any health issues can be tackled with reasonable success.

The Goat is always popular with her family and friends and this year is no exception. Her warm and caring ways can win over the stoniest of hearts and her compassion will be much appreciated by everyone she meets. In love and romance she will not be disappointed as hearts move to meet hers. The year of the Horse is one where the Goat can pave her way by merely being her self. By acting with a little self-interest she will ensure her future moves in the direction of her dreams.

1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028, 2040
Inventive, curious, quick-witted, scheming, versatile audacious, mischievous, resentful, energetic, humorous. They are energetic and develop personal loyalties.
Compatible marriage to: Rat, Dragon
Second Choice: Hare, Sheep, Dog
Incompatible marriage to: Snake, Boar, (worse) Tiger

SUMMER is your season.
AUGUST is your month.

Of all the animals of the Chinese zodiac, your are the most intelligent. Your pranks, finesse, and craftiness get you out of the most delicate situations without a scratch. Particularly at ease in public and at parties with beautiful people, you are charming, surprising, and entertaining with the faces you make, and your irresistible, funny stories. You can also laugh at yourself with astonishing lucidity. Your character is that of a "happy pessimist" and you adapt easily to any context - and not without a certain amount of cunning. Confronted by a muscle-bound adversary, you use servility and flattery to lead him by the nose. Your skillfulness in the art of manipulation has no equal and you easily play the actor to soothe those around you. Crocodile tears and shameless lies are part of your daily bread. If you are caught, you have the good grace to recognize the error of your ways and can make others forgive you. You jump from branch to branch, from problem to problem, with an incredible degree of fickleness that borders on childishness. It is difficult to keep you in one place; at the least sign of boredom, you swing to another tree. But behind your mimics and gestures hides an old monkey that the Chinese name The Wise One.
Your fault: You want to be first at any price...

Ambitious, inventive, and gifted, you work on all fronts with incredible speed. You constantly need new projects to undertake and daring challenges. You are resourceful in business, skillful in negotiations, and insatiable in all that you do. Your good humor easily motivates the troops. While success comes to you easily, it quickly becomes difficult for you to manage. Success goes to your head and you become arrogant and mean to those around you. No - one would hesitate slipping a banana peel under your feet - a pirouette and you're gone!

You love money because it is an exterior sign of your value. A Monkey never works "for nothing" - all the more since you spend your money to create a comfortable, luxurious life for your family. You love to make them happy by giving them sumptuous gifts and often buy expensive, impractical presents on the spur of the moment. You don't hoard money and claim that you will never be lacking in anything. You are lucid and lucky.

Passion exalts your imagination so you dislike the routine of everyday life. You idealize your partner but can't bear that they are only human with faults and manias like everyone else. But you can't live alone. You are an eternal adolescent, in love with the stars and with a taste for seduction. You are gifted in seducing and ravaging hearts with no sense of guilt. Being funny, imaginative, and mischievous are your favorite arms. To seduce you, a person must tell you that you are the best, surprise you every day, laugh at your jokes, and never yawn with boredom.

1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029, 2041
Determined, pride, alert, confident, abrasive, aggressive, rude, affectionate, resolute, punctilious. Roosters make great managers and leaders.
Compatible marriage to: Ox, Snake, Dragon
Second choice: Tiger, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Boar
Incompatible marriage to: Rat, Rooster, Dog, (worse) Hare

AUTUMN is your season.
SEPTEMBER is your month.

Your bright red comb frightens bad spirits away in Chinese tradition. Protected from them, you don't hesitate parading around ostentatiously in public. Hungry for honors and medals, you love to be recognized for your talents at their just value and to be congratulated in all circumstances. Spiteful people who criticize you quickly get clawed because you hate being criticized. Your best quality is your frankness. You always say what you think even at the risk of hurting those close to you. Yet you always hide your real feelings out of an extreme sense of propriety because you can't stand people meddling in your affairs. In public, you are a true Rooster: an extravagant dandy who is curious about everything, you strut down the street - a smooth talker who loves to be the center of attention. Appearances are more important to you than what's inside. If people don't look at you, you get depressed. You will happily spend hours before the mirror to admire your wonderful, flamboyant feathers. But your attention to detail and perfectionist nature sometimes make you forget the essential. A loyal and courageous friend, you don't hesitate attacking if you need to defend them, even if the battle seems lost in advance. You respect the rules whatever happens because you are a real conformist. Your fault: You are somewhat narcissistic and pedantic.

You have your feet on ground and your head in the accounts! An expert planner and master of beautiful discourses, you excel at organizing and directing the work of others on a well-outlined path. You use tested methods rather than trying to initiate new ones, but methods as old as the world allow you to make money easily. You know your work and how to take measured risks. Risky undertakings make you "sick". Although your obsessive perfectionism tends to slow you down, it also helps you to avoid certain traps. When you have succeeded in a mission, your superiors would be well advised to show their appreciation. Honors and recognition motivate you like the devil!

Your qualities as a manager help you to invest wisely and you often save the ante as well; you back down before no expense to shine in the eyes of society: sumptuous dinners, dressing to the nines, the hottest cars, showy jewelry, etc. Those close to you have to keep up the pace and style, which makes you look generous in their eyes. In fact, only your friends profit: you are generous only because you care about how you look in the eyes of society; you are very stingy with those you do not know and keep a rigorous account of expenses, stopping yourself before you go into the red.

As a conformist, you prefer stability to adventure and simple sentiments to passionate ones. But living with you can be trying because you don't hesitate commenting on the pimple your partner has on their nose or the ugly bulge around their waist while you yourself, accept no criticism. You are incorrigibly jealous and tolerate no rival. If your partner has the misfortune to look elsewhere you quickly become aggressive. To seduce you, your partner must find you irresistible, take care of your every need, be understanding, and have a taste for social life.

11. DOG
1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, 2042
Loyal, honest, likable, trusted, conservative, sympathetic, tolerant, active, reliable.
The dog is active and sociable, ready to mix at get togethers, and good listeners.
Compatible marriage to: Horse, Tiger, Sheep, Hare
Second Choice: Rat, Snake, Monkey, Dog, Boar
Incompatible marriage to: Ox, Rooster, (worse) Dragon, Sheep

AUTUMN is your season.
OCTOBER is your month.

The Dog's loyalty and sense of smell make him a sure friend with brilliant intuition. You are very human and warm and people count on that. You advance in life with a logic that is materialistic and you have a high sense of honor. Injustice makes your fur stand on end and you fight to the end against dishonesty and oppression. Those who get in your way should be careful: your bite is deep and your bark thunderous. Willfully incisive, your cynicism is sharp and constantly fed by your pessimistic nature. This lucid realism allows you to rise quickly from your gloom. Nothing surprises you and certainly not worst case scenarios. Your confidence in the goodness of men is relative and you have a tendency to distrust people that you don't know. But if someone conquers your heart, you are a great friend. You love to frolic in the countryside, spend an evening by the fire, and have your nose in a book. A philosopher and discreet, you don't think that you can change society. To protect yourself from disappointment, you choose your close friends with care after having tested them in the smallest details. In this closed universe where affection reigns, you gladly show yourself as a nutty, eccentric companion that is fun to be around. Your fault: As an introverted Dog, you are on the defensive a little too much.

Honest and conscientious, you don't work with passion but are consistent and courageous. Appreciated for your realism and sense of smell, you have a tendency to see things in black, but this pessimism allows you to see the worst case scenario and to anticipate possible solutions in a crunch. A Dog never lets himself be caught off guard. Altruistic and devoted, you let the interest of the community come before your own and this attitude assures you the friendship of your colleagues. You excel in the domains of justice, teaching, and any kind of social work.

Money :
You have no talent for speculation but the idea of not having money terrifies you. It's not that you are a spendthrift, but you want very much to assure the comfort and happiness of your home. Happily, you know how to sniff out good deals and find the truffles under the trees. If a business deal is honest, you know how to bring it to a close and harvest the fruit. If not, you prefer to tighten your belt rather than be in bad company.

When you love it is for life. But you have a hard time finding the right person right away and can easily wander the streets alone like a beaten down dog. After looking for a long time you may find the love you have so desperately been looking for - you get what you want by never letting up on your pursuit, showering those you love with presents and giving lots of licks! You know how to make someone attached to you. You are made for family life. You are faithful, helpful and your pessimism often brings you surprises. To seduce you, the person in your life should caress you in the direction of your fur and speak of the eternal love they have for you.

1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031, 2043
Unpretentious, joy, caring, industrious, trusting, naive, hardworking, hospitable
The boar is caring ,not lazy, but quiet.
Compatible marriage to: Hare, Sheep
Second choice: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Rooster, Dog
Incompatible marriage to: Monkey, Boar, (worse) Snake

AUTUMN is your season.
NOVEMBER is your month.

Honest and upright, you advance in life like a tranquil bulldozer. You hate lies, hypocrites, and artifice. If you do something bad you feel terrible and guilty about it for a long time after the fact. For your family and friends you are generous and helpful. Sometimes you are even a little bit too generous because you don't know how to say no. People don't hesitate taking advantage of your good nature. Underneath your exterior hides a ferocious determination for your inner codes to be respected. Nobody can impose their will on you unless you decide to let them. You make your decisions and take responsibility for your failures in private. You don't blame others for your mistakes. When there is a conflict, you take cover until the storm has passed. You may be criticized by others for preferring to run rather than fight but raised voices, fights, and power games revile you. If your back is against the wall with no escape possible you become a daunting and violent adversary. Behind your apparent good nature you hide your hypersensitivity and soul of a

You love to work and want to succeed in your professional life but not at any price. You refuse to compete, to be opportunistic, and to make deals under the table. You want to be recognized for your talent and competence, and won't resort to political intrigue. So you are not always a diplomat and prefer leaving a business meeting by slamming the door rather than approve an unsound project. You will gladly spend more time on your personal rather than professional life, unless you are your own boss. In this case, you won't count the hours and will see your projects through to the end.

The Pig symbolizes material wealth in China so you rarely lack money. Your love of pleasure contributes to turning you into a big spender but you are above all, very generous. You love to have friends for dinner, give your friends presents, and take your family on sumptuous trips.

You are in love with love in all its forms: tender caresses and romantic gestures.   Although you are faithful in love, you are very possessive and jealous. To be happy, you need a curious cocktail of solitary moments coupled with moments of tenderness and wild passion. You love it when your partner shows their continuing passion and infinite love for you in public.!

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